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Ford Mustang 1978-2004 FOX4 & SN-95 Full Unicorn Angle Kit


Ford Mustang 1978-2004 FOX4 & SN-95 Full Unicorn Angle Kit

The full unicorn angle kit provides extra clearance to the lower control arm and added camber for more grip at high angles. The kit offers low Ackerman knuckles and 55*+ steering angles!

Our full unicorn angle kit for SN-95 Mustang includes:

Extended and boxed lower control arms
Inner and outer tie rods
Modified Unicorn Angle knuckles

The kit includes brand new arms/tie rods to replace your old and worn out bushings and ball joints.

This angle kit can still be used with factory style spring so it's not necessary to upgrade to Coilovers although it's highly recommended to put Coilovers and camber/caster plates on to take full advantage of the kit.

Unicorn angle kits are built to order and usually have a 1-2 week lead time.

If you would like to ship your knuckle cores in before placing the order to avoid any delays in shipping time please contact us at [email protected] for shipping address and info or through the contact form on the site.

We require the use of your stock unmodified knuckle cores. You can ship your knuckles in for exchange or purchase the kit with a refundable $250 knuckle core charge. Core charge is refundable when we receive your good usable knuckle cores.

* Fox4 kits will only be sold without core charge. Meaning you will be required to provide the cores for your kit as sourcing v8 cores has become very difficult.